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incorporating reaper guitars

Bluecat Guitars

Great Guitars at a Great Price

Bluecat Guitars is not a Business or money making concern and I am not in it to make money. It is my passion and a serious pastime.

I build Kit Guitars for a hobby in my retirement and if anyone is interested in one they can have it for, in many instances, less than what it has cost me to build. Why? Because it is for fun.

I build Telecaster Guitars but occasionally a Stratocaster. They are both available in Black other than the Stratocaster which is also available in White mainly because I have loads of B&W materials.

I do NOT hold stock and so Guitars are only available when I have finished one. Sometimes I might not build for weeks especially during holiday periods.

These Guitars are in essence ‘second hand’ as they were built by me for me. They will however be in perfect condition.

Finishes vary from nitrocellulose to polyurethane and I also do oil finishing as well.


I have now launched Reaper Guitars.

These Guitars feature many different builds but with the same attentive work in finishing them other than they are all stain and oil finished.

This is a longer, more attentive finishing technique and so demands a higher price but if you are looking for something different, something special but still top quality then consider a Reaper Guitar.