Bluecat Guitars

incorporating reaper guitars


So, where does the name ‘Bluecat’ come from?

Simple really. Being a lover of Cats we had two lovely Cats from the RSPCA many moons ago. Unfortunately one as run over - Cobweb - but the other - Blue - lived on to the ripe old age of 22.

They were wonderful Cats and were called Blue and Cobby.

When I started building Guitars and ending up with something half tidy I decided I needed a name for them and so ‘Bluecat’ was born.

Bluecat Guitars

About 2 years ago (2015) I purchased my first Guitar Kit to see how I got on. This proved most interesting and I learned a lot about building Guitars most gleaned form the Internet. I started a couple of Groups on Facebook which have grown tremendously and in the process I have made many ‘Luthier’ friends all willing to help.

It is not easy. You not only have to consider the actual build but how you are going to finish it. That’s where some knowledge of spraying comes in handy.

I have now built several Guitars and it was suggested to me by a friend why don’t I sell them and not just hang them on the wall. That was a great idea but I did not just ‘hang them on the wall’ but played them. I have many Guitars and a Home Recording Studio where a couple of friends and myself meet as often as we can to play.

We are only amateurs but really enjoy it. Elsewhere on this Website I will post some information about this.

Back to the Guitars then.

I still build kits as a hobby and am now going to sell them purely for what it costs me. I will not charge labour or add ant profit as I am not in business. If you would like one you only pay what it cost me in materials. All Guitars are sold as ‘second hand’.

The Future

I am now building Guitars from scratch. Building the bodies as well as finishing them. This is another experience and very labour intensive as I am sure that you will appreciate.

These Guitars will not be for sale as they are a ‘learning curve’ for me and something that I am enjoying doing.

I will post some pictures of these Guitars if ever I get any finished.

I will continue building the Kits and posting them here for sale when ready. Every Guitar from now on will have a Serial Number so that records can be kept and who knows these early Guitars may well be worth collecting for the future as they might, just might, increase in price.